"Museo dei dolmen" (Dolmen Museum) is a virtual museum of Mediterranean and Western Europe prehistory and early history, set up and directed by Federico Bardanzellu.  


Dolmen Museum     


Prehistory and Early History of the Mediterranean and Western Europe


Stonehenge West Kenneth
Museo dei Dolmen
Stonehenge (Source:Event Horizons,  David Lyons, Ambleside, Cumbria)    Silbury Hill(Source: Aerofilms Library, London) West Kenneth (Source: Diego Meozzi)



Megalithic burials of Neolithic Age


The archaeological diggings and the by now many decennial studies of hundred of prehistoric burials have demonstrated, with greater confidence of results, that their makers knew with precision the motion of the stars and towards them they have oriented their burial constructions.


The bearing of this buildings towards particular events, as the rising or the setting of the most luminous stars, astonishes us more then their giantism. Last of a long series of studiouses, British John North, in the book “Stonehenge”, 1996, has recognized many series of astral alignments of neolithic megalithic burials; we have elaborated the following data of such locations:


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